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WebWatcher to Sponsor National Parent Teacher Organization

WebWatcher, the leading parental monitoring software announced their sponsorship of the National Parent Teacher Organization.


Westport, CT July 06, 2015


In an effort to help promote online safety and support the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), WebWatcher will offer PTO members a special discount for anyone who purchases their online parental monitoring solution. Furthermore, WebWatcher will allow parents to allocate a portion of their sales to their school's PTO. The sponsorship is part of WebWatcher's continued effort to help organizations across the country teach and enforce online safety for children in today's digital world.


"While educators teach online safety school, it's critical that parents reinforce the importance of online safety at home. Part of the solution is taking responsibility to monitor what our kids are doing online. We want to make monitoring as easy and affordable as possible for parents who are taking the steps to keep their kids as safe as possible," remarked Brad Miller, CEO of WebWatcher.


WebWatcher, the #1 rated parental monitoring software by PC Magazine, offers the only monitoring solution which works across all devices children use to access the internet including iPhones, Androids, Tables, Mac's and PC's.


"We understand that kids use different devices to access the internet which can make monitoring all of their internet activity challenging," added Miller.


WebWatcher's monitoring solution offers web based reports, accessible from any location. Once logged in, parents can see a snapshot of all online activity through any device their child uses to access the internet in one centralized report.


He added, "It's shocking to hear the laraming rate of cyber-crimes involving children including cyber-bullying, online predators and repuation management with social media. We hope that our monitoring solution will help parents see any warning signs for these situations so they can get involved early and help prevent these situations before they happen."


WebWatcher offers a full family of computer and mobile monitoring software compatible with iPhone, PC, Android and Mac. All WebWatcher products install easily in 5 minutes or less and are 100% tamper proof. All recorded data is sent to a secure web-based interface which allows parents to monitor kids at their convenience from any internet connected computer. WebWatcher also allows parents to monitor multiple devices (such as a PC and an iPhone) from the same user interface in order to get one unified view. WebWatcher is the Editors' Choice for Parental Monitoring Software



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