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Awareness Technologies, the makers of WebWatcher, is based in Westport, CT and has been recognized with numerous awards including INC. 5000 and Deloitte Fast 500. With over 900,000 orders to date and over 3,000 corporate clients, Awareness Technologies serves both consumer and corporate markets with several award-winning products including WebWatcher, LaptopCop, Sonar, InterGuard and DataLock.


Key Facts:

  • Was founded in 2002
  • Has a large staff of software developers to keep up with all the updates to third party applications (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, etc.)
  • Has a 24/7 technical support team available to help you whenever you need assistance
  • Is the current Editor's Choice for Parental Monitoring Software
  • Also supports significant corporate clients with exacting standards

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WebWatcher Newsroom

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: Hundreds of Nude Photos Jolt Colorado High school

11/19/2015 - At least 100 high school students in Canon City, CO texted nude selfies to each other, according to authorities, part of a large sexting ring.

WebWatcher to Sponsor National Parent Teacher Organization

07/06/2015 - In an effort to help promote online safety and support the PTO, WebWatcher will offer PTO members a special discounted price for anyone who purchases their online parental monitoring solution.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: Detecting and Preventing Teen Online Dating Violence

02/14/2011 - According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website, approximately one in four teens report verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual violence by a dating partner each year.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: The Ugly Meter

10/20/2011 - A newly released $0.99 iPhone app called "The Ugly Meter" is the latest tool that creates opportunities for cyberbullying, the online pandemic that is causing severe emotional and psychological pain to children across the nation.

WebWatcher Partners with BeSure Consulting

05/21/15 - WebWatcher, the leading computer and mobile monitoring software, announced their partnership with BeSure Consulting to help parents better supervise their kids' online activity.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: Teen Sexting Now A Criminal Offense

04/06/15 - At least 100 high school students in Canon City, CO texted nude selfies to each other, according to authorities, part of a large sexting ring.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: Are Your Kids Practicing Unsafe Texting?

08/19/2010 - In an effort to better help parents keep tabs on their children, Awareness Technologies, has expanded its WebWatcher computer monitoring tool to smartphones with WebWatcher Mobile.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: 10 Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyberbullies

09/08/2010 - Cyberbullying has quickly turned into a pandemic on the web, causing severe emotional and psychological pain to children, with over 40% of all teenagers reporting being bullied online.

Leading Parental Control Software Now Available for iOS Devices

03/28/14 - Awareness Technologies announces that its leading parental computer monitoring software, WebWatcher, is now available for parents to monitor iOS devices (iPhones/iPads).

WebWatcher Parental Advisory:

07/01/2010 - The social networking site creates opportunities for cyber bullying and the anonymous use of derogatory, threatening, and profane language.

WebWatcher Parental Advisory: Is Your Teen Talking To A 45 Year Old On Tinder?:

4/12/2016 - It is reported that 7% of Tinder's adult app users are actually under the age of 18. With Tinder's estimated monthly user base of 50 million people, that means 350,000 teens are engaging with adults each month.



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