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Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software
Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software


WebWatcher Inc 5000 Company

Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher Ranked #1 2011-14

WebWatcher Award Winning Company

Record PC/Mac/Mobile Activity

100% Undetectable

Monitor Remotely from Web

View Screenshots + Keystrokes

See all Email, IMs, Web + More

Money-Back Guarantee*

100% Undetectable - View Recorded Activity Remotely

Parental and Employee Keylogger Software

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How It Works

View Recorded Computer, Smartphone & Tablet Activity...remotely from the internet.

Only WebWatcher's keylogger software sends data to a web-based Account. All other programs force you to physically access the monitored device each and every time you want to view recorded activity, or set up complex File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software.

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Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software
Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software

Purchase from any device (or call us) and it will be waiting in your online account. Download it when convenient on the device you want to monitor in 5 minutes or less. No PC experience required.

Record Everything Invisibly

View Remotely From Web


Download from Web


WebWatcher's keylogger begins monitoring & recording all activity invisibly and then sends it to your secure web-based account. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry.


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Log in from any computer to your secure web-based account to see all recorded data. Unlike competitors, there is no need to physically access the monitored device again. WebWatcher is the only keylogger software that gives you 100% remote access to recorded data.

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software
Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software
Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software


Email Monitoring

Email Monitoring


WebWatcher's email monitoring feature will let you see every email sent & received on all major email programs, including webmail. Along with the body text, easily find the subject, recipients, date/time, and more.

Social Media Monitoring

Facebook / Myspace / Etc


Social media monitoring will let you see all social networking activity, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube all in their own easy-to-use tabs.

Keystroke Logger

Keystroke Logger


See every keystroke typed even if it is deleted. WebWatcher's keystroke logger feature provides a reader-friendly version of all keystrokes logged along with the raw keylogging activity so you can see every detail.

Record Instant Messages

Instant Messaging (IMs)


See both sides of all instant messages & chat conversations from all major messaging programs and web-based chat, including Facebook Chat Messages.

Web Filtering | Block Websites

Web Filtering & Blocking


See which sites they visited, when they went and how long they stayed. WebWatcher also blocks websites by category, URL, or keyword.


Continuous Screenshots


Video-style playback of screenshots for programs and websites selected by you. For example, watch an e-mail as it's being typed and edited instead of just seeing the finished product.

Program Blocking

Program Blocking


Block any program you want. Easy setup, choose programs from a list, either on a schedule or permanently.

Record Website Searches

Website Searches


See what's being searched for on all search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing with this website search recording feature.

Alert Word Notifications

Alert Word Notifications


Be notified immediately when any alert word (selected by you) is typed or viewed on the screen. WebWatcher will also take a screenshot and highlight the Alert Word  for you so you don't have to search.

User Friendly Interface

WebWatcher User Interface

WebWatcher Ranked #1 2011-2014

Award-Winning U.S. Company

WebWatcher Reviews
WebWatcher Reviews
WebWatcher Reviews

Buy Now, Install Anytime

Money-Back Guarantee!* See refund policy

Well Researched Reviews

"The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close..."

Monitoring Software Reviews

"As the only truly web-based computer activity/internet monitor, WebWatcher is in a league of its own..."

WebWatcher Review

Top 10 FAQs

Customer Review

  • (1)  Is WebWatcher Invisible?

    Yes. By design, WebWatcher cannot be detected. Originally designed to meet the exacting standards of the world's intelligence community, WebWatcher is automatically hidden from everyone except the people authorized to see it. It does not appear in the Registry, the Process List, the System Tray, the Task Manager, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove programs. There aren't even any visible files on the computer.


  • (2) Do I have to buy WebWatcher from the same computer I want to monitor?

    No. You can purchase WebWatcher from any computer and it will be waiting for you in your online account to download any time you want. However, the monitoring software must be installed on the computer you wish to monitor. Simply log in to your web account when you are on the computer you want to monitor and follow the easy instructions.


  • (3) Is WebWatcher compatible with my computer?

    WebWatcher is Windows and Mac OSX compatible -- including XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (desktop mode) versions of Windows; Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard versions of OSX. It works with iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air devices using an Intel processor (not PowerPC processors). WebWatcher is also offered as a mobile monitoring product compatible with BlackBerry and Android phones.


  • (4) Does WebWatcher record everything?

    Yes, WebWatcher records all activity including emails, IMs, websites visited, web searches, Facebook/MySpace activity, and anything typed. It also will take screenshots of selected activity.


  • (5) How do I install WebWatcher?

    After you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email. Just follow the easy onscreen directions. The whole process should be completed in five minutes or less. Remember, the purchase can be completed from any computer, but the software itself has to be installed on the computer you wish to monitor.


  • (6) Do I have to use the same computer to access the recorded information?

    No. Once the software is installed on the computer you wish to monitor, you can view the data from any computer in the world with Internet access. For example, one day you can monitor from the office, the next day from home, and if you're out of town during the weekend, you can monitor from a hotel computer. It doesn't matter what computer you use to monitor from, since you can access your data on the web.


  • (7) How do I access the recorded information?

    Just login to your secure web account with your username and password and you'll see all your data. As the only web based monitoring program available, we use 128-bit encryption guaranteeing the safety and security of your information.


  • (8) Can WebWatcher alert me?

    Yes. You can set up alerts to notify you any time you want whenever key words or web sites you select are detected on screen or typed.


  • (9) If I want to monitor more than one computer, do I need to buy another license?

    Yes. An individual license is required for every computer (or phone) that you wish to monitor. We offer volume discounts for multi-license purchases.


  • (10) If i want to monitor both phones and computers, can I monitor from the same account and interface?

    Yes. All monitored devices can be viewed directly in a single secure web interface.


"WebWatcher rocks! The install process was quick and easy and it records everything flawlessly. But most importantly, the web based interface is amazing. I've used other monitoring software before and always had to access the monitored PC to view activity, which was very hard. Thank you WebWatcher!"

"Thank you so much! Your customer service is great. I called in the middle of the night and they helped me right away."

"WebWatcher saved my daughter's reputation. Now that she knows I monitor her cell phone and laptop, she no longer sends foolish pics and txts anymore."

Ellen Sommers

Peter Calderon

Wendy Robinson


WebWatcher is compatible with the following Devices & Operating Systems


Windows 8 & 8.1

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

PC Keylogger | Keystroke Logger & Computer Monitoring Software


OSX 10.9 Mavericks

OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

OSX 10.7 Lion

Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Mac Keylogger | Keystroke Logger & Computer Monitoring Software


Version 2.1 & Up

Tablets version 2.1 & Up

Android Spy Software | Android Spy Apps


BBOS version 5 & Up

BlackBerry Spy | BlackBerry Monitoring Software


iOS 6.0 & Up

iPad iOS 6.0 & Up

iTouch iOS 6.0 & Up

iPhone Spy | iPad Monitoring Software

WebWatcher Covers All of the Bases

Monitor Multiple Devices

Real-time Alerts

Geolocation Tracking

24/7 Customer Support

Money-Back Guarantee!

WebWatcher's keylogger software is the only monitoring software that lets you monitor as many devices as you want with one interface. WebWatcher is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Blackberry.


See child or employee activity from multiple desktops, laptops, and smartphones in real-time or anytime convenient to you.


Other products only let you monitor one device at a time. Please note, each device requires purchase of a separate license.

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software

Be alerted in real-time via email when any keyword(s) set by you is used in any communications (email & chat) or website activity. This way, you can head-off a problem before its too late.


Not only will you receive a real-time alert, but also you will find all of your alert words highlighted in the body of all communications sent and received by the monitored device.


Setting up alert words is easy. Simply click on the alert words tab and type in as many alert words as you would like.

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software

Track all Windows laptop locations!


Only WebWatcher offers real-time geolocation tracking as an add-on feature for computer monitoring. This new feature is based on Wi-Fi hotspot tracking, which gives a higher degree of accuracy than GPS

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software

Our customer support is always available to you. Call us, connect to live chat with us, or email us. We're easy to reach, and always eager to help.


Have a question? Click on the chat box at left to chat with a WebWatcher specialist now 24/7 or call toll-free 1-888-682-9501.


For International call 24/7 1-310-881-3050.

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software

If WebWatcher is not working exactly as advertised, we will refund you in FULL if we are unable to resolve the issue within 3 days of your notifying us. All refund requests must be made within 3 days of purchase.


Over 500,000 consumers have purchased WebWatcher, many on a repeat basis. This success is possible only because we offer the best product of its kind and stand behind it 100%.

Keylogger | Computer Monitoring Software
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WebWatcher Review
WebWatcher Review
WebWatcher Review

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